for Motorola MOTO G/XT1032/XT1033 LCD complete with frame

    • Item ID#ISE8050
    • Sort:LCD
    • Model:For MOTO G/XT1032/XT1033
    • Composition:complete with frame
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    • Brand:For Motorola
    • Quality:Grade P
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for Motorola MOTO G/XT1032/XT1033 LCD complete with frame

Notes: please test the functionality of this item before installation.

  1. This part does not include the front camera, earpiece speaker and the LCD shield plate.
  2. You will need to transfer these parts from your old display assembly to your new part.
  3. For an easier install, the Motorola MOTO G/XT1032/XT1033 LCD Screen Assembly includes some of the small parts and requires fewer transfers to the new assembly.
  4. Consider getting a nifty screen protector, so your new Motorola display assembly can play nice with your keys.

How to Install / Tips:
● Special repairing tools are required for assembling or disassembling.
● Handle the vulnerable and fragile flex cable ribbon carefully.
● Please try to handle the repair or replacement work in a dry and dust free environment without direct sunlight.
● The installation of any new part should be done by a qualified person. Iseidon is not responsible for any damage caused during installation.

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