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All-glass iPhone case patent exposure: whole body is screen, can’t afford repair

Source: Zol Online

Apple iPhone has always been a product that leads innovation, but in recent years it has been surpassed by the Android camp in terms of innovation, which seems to have become an indisputable fact. Recently, Apple's all-glass iPhone case patent was revealed, which is quite similar to the MIX Alpha issued by Xiaomi last year.


All-glass iPhone case

According to foreign media reports, Apple has been developing an all-glass iPhone with a surround touch screen. The patent is called "Electronic Equipment with Glass Enclosure" and US Patent No. 20200057525, the patent includes the appearance of the object.

According to the description of this patent, the all-glass iPhone case is actually composed of multiple pieces of glass, but it looks more like a whole. Apple's technology makes it look seamless visually and tactilely. This solves the process problems in mass production. After all, it is a bit difficult and costly to use a whole glass!


All-glass iPhone case

Although the all-glass iPhone case looks like a full-screen phone, Apple defines one of the screens as the "primary display", which is used to display applications, games, and other information, and other displays will display some secondary information. Physical differences between the front, back, and sides of the glass enclosure may indicate functional differences in the touchscreen or display area.


All-glass iPhone case (imagine picture)

Of course, this is only at the stage of patents, and there are still great variables on whether it will be invested in the market. If the all-glass iPhone case design is adopted, then its strength and drop protection may become new problems.

Post time: Feb-24-2020