Huawei Mate40 Pro new concept map: positive and negative dual screen also supports stylus

Source: CNMO

To say that Huawei ’s most anticipated mobile phone is the P series and Mate series that will arrive on time in the second half of each year. Now that the time has come to mid-year, the Huawei P40 series has been released and continues to sell in the market, and the Mate40 series in the second half of the year seems to have been unable to hold back.


The design of this set of concept maps is the boldest in the rendering of the Huawei Mate40 series we have seen recently. It may not be strange to look at the front. The design of the hyperboloid screen + ultra-high screen ratio is rare in the rendering. But its front camera does not know which design.

The camera area on the back of the fuselage contains five cameras of different sizes and different shapes. Among them, the rectangular camera and the words "100X" imply that this phone supports 100x zoom shooting. On the right side of the camera, a secondary screen is added. From the picture, it can not only display information such as time, power, and alarm clock, but also be used for framing when taking selfies, but other specific uses are unknown. In addition, this phone also supports stylus, I do not know if it comes with the body.


Whether the design looks good or not is a matter of opinion, but if Huawei Mate40 Pro really adopts this design, it is at least highly recognizable.

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Post time: May-15-2020