KSD Quality For iPhone Lcd

As mobile phone parts supplier, Kseidon works on offering customers the best service for good quality, the competitive price and stable supply of goods.

We have different quality of Iphone LCD. What puzzled customers most is the brightness of LCD, the flexible degree and stable of touch screen; whether is has 360 degree polarized effect cold or warm screen . also if the quality is stable for each batch of goods and if have competitive price .

To meet customers’ needs, we cooperated with factory and developed our own brand new quality –KSD. All the customers joined in the quality test of KSD has offered us favorable comment and is satisfied with this quality. 

  What makes KSD quality of Iphone LCD screen different from others?-- 5 advantages

  1. Oleophobic Coating -- could make the touch screen more clean, smoothly and flexible.

  2. Each screen has the Kseidon logo on the flex cable and the steel sheet of the back of screen.
  This quality only belongs our company and we will be in charge of this quality totally.

  3. LCD Brightness for KSD quality the lumanance is above 500 ,bright as original lcd. The biggest feature of   KSD is that it has enough brightness, and the color saturation is designed to make people comfortable.

  4. 360 degree covered polarizing Film -- Never bland your sunglasses. No matter you want to see the lcd   screen in cross direction or vertical direction, you can both see it clearly.

  5. KSD iPhone LCD comes with CE and ROHS Certification.



No MOQ for samples. Welcome your join to test the order and please feel free to contact us freely. We sincerely expect any of your feedback or suggestions.


Post time: Nov-04-2019