Kseidon-High Color Gamut Lcd

27-235x300 (1)

1. Higer Color Gamut Than OEM

Calisoon’sleading LCD manufacturing technology makes Kseidon perform better than other products in the same color gamut.
Please refer to the following image comparison example.

33 (1)

Kseidon Color Gamut Reach to93% NTSC

Good display effect is the easiest for everyone to distinction by naked up


Delivering vibrant colored outputs and restoring real black color.


2. Same As Original Brightness

Kseidon applies ESR backlinght technology, reflecting high brightness as original model .

ESR meansEnhancedSpecularReflector,whichhas a multilayer filmstructuremade of PET resin,is an opticalfilm witha very high reflectance inthevisible wavelength range,thereby improving thebrightness of the screen.


 Luminance test data of Kseidon iPhone8 Plus                                  * Luminance tester:Spyder5

3. 360 ° Full Viewing Angle Polarizer

The dual compensation polarization technology allows to show the standard display no matter what angle is.


4. Installed Compatibility

G+G Structure makes the screen lighter and thinner, and fits perfectly when installed. So Less frame sticks out , less after-sales problem for wrong installation.


KSEIDON                                                Other

5. Anti-Fingerprint Oleophobic Coating

Comparing the normal aftermarket screen witch is without oleophobic coating,Anti-fingerprint oleophobic coating tech is in each piece of Kseidon lcdeven if CN3.


KSEIDON                                                                  Other

Kseidon lcd screens have a smoother oleophobic coating, much better finish, and a 16% increase in friction over its predecessor.is able to last the lcd life cycle.


6. Competitive Price

Kseidon has the same powerful color expressiveness as original quality or even better. But the price is 50% of the original quality, with the same performance as the original’s. What’s more Kseidon is developed by our own factory , more price control space.



  • High Color gamut
  • G+G Structure
  • ESR brightens,the same as original
  • Lighter and thinner,seamlessly assembled
  • 360 ° Full viewing angle polarizer
  • Anti-fingerprint Oleophobic coating

17 YEARs automated factory guidance, Advanced R&D technology, ultra-low defect rate , professional after-sales service and economical high end LCD,your best chioce.

Post time: Nov-01-2019