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Redmi and Xiaomi mobile phones adapt to the unified push alliance, ending the random push of notification messages

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December 31, 2019, Xiaomi completed the research and development of a system-level push service that supports the unified push interface standard and submitted a test application to the alliance. In recent days, the unified push alliance has released the latest news: the alliance has recently tested related mobile phone system push services in accordance with the standard "T-UPA0002-2019 Unified Push Interface Specification". After testing, Xiaomi mobile phones (including Xiaomi and Redmi) system push services have met the technical requirements for unified push. As of now, all versions of MIUI 10 and above support the unified push alliance, and new mobile phones (such as Xiaomi 10) will also be supported. For older models, support will be provided through system upgrades later.


In addition to efficient and accurate push of APP information, Android unified push service can also effectively reduce the standby power consumption of mobile phones. Alliance testers tested the power consumption of mobile phones before and after using the unified push service. The average standby current using the self-built channel is 18.64mA, and the average standby current using the unified push service is 12.98mA, which can reduce the standby power consumption by 30.4%. In addition, the system push service can greatly improve the arrival rate of important mobile phone messages (especially in the case of weak networks), reduce the traffic consumption and system resource occupation of mobile phones trying invalid connections.


Standby average current using self-built channel is 18.64mA


Standby average current using unified push service 12.98mA

In addition, from the announcement of the unified push alliance, at present, Huawei, Honor, OPPO, Realme, OnePlus, ZTE ZTE, Samsung, vivo, iQOO, Xiaomi and Redmi have completed the adaptation of the unified push alliance. . The chaos of news push on domestic Android phones will end.

Post time: Feb-14-2020