What should I do if the Bluetooth headset is in the water?

The earphones we use every day are accidentally dropped into the water, especially the Bluetooth headset. Then how to do the Bluetooth headset into the water, can you use it? Let’s take a look at the earphones into the water to deal with the small coup.


Can the headphones be used when they are in the water?

In general, after the headphones are flooded, of course, the first thing to do is to dry, whether it is dried by the sun or by a hair dryer. After the headphones have dried up, you can connect to your phone or computer and try to use them. If there is no effect on the sound quality, of course, you can continue to use it. However, if the sound quality is damaged or the headphones can no longer hear the sound, it is recommended not to use it anymore.

As for the changes in the earphone after entering the water, we can first understand the principle of sounding, that is, the tympanic membrane vibration. Secondly, the reason why the sound of the earphone becomes smaller or damages the sound quality after the water enters the water is that the water bead sticks to the tympanic membrane to deform the tympanic membrane, which affects the vibration frequency of the tympanic membrane and other parameters of the vibration.


What should I do if the Bluetooth headset is in the water?

Method 1: Hair dryer method: This method can be said to be the most direct and violent, because the Bluetooth headset is small, of course, if the water intake is serious, use the hair dryer to directly blow the machine, usually it can be repaired after a period of time, but it needs to be controlled temperature.

Method 2: Placement method: After draining the water from the earphones, put the earphones in a vacuum belt and put them into the rice cylinder. It is also possible to place them for a few days.

Method 3: Maintenance method: This method will lose the risk of warranty. It is recommended that the user use it after passing the warranty. It should be directly disassembled and dried with hot air. Of course, attention should be paid to the hot air temperature and the loss of components.


How to do ordinary headphones?

1. First, you can try to remove the moisture in the headphones. The main method is to dry, the cold air is blown, and the three holes behind the earphones are blown hard.

2. Next, the tympanic membrane shape is restored as it was. The specific method is to clean the position of the metal film on the front of the earphone in the case of little moisture in the earphone, and then use the mouth to cover the front of the earphone, first exhale the earphone, do not leak the air, and hear the sound of piapia, and then Inhale the headphones, do not leak the wind, and you will hear the sound of piapia. After a few round trips, the shape of the eardrum will recover, but don’t use too much force when blowing and washing. Finally, an inhalation or insufflation is performed to spread the tympanic membrane in one direction.

Headphone daily maintenance method

1. The plug of the earphone is very fragile, and the earphone cannot be used a lot because the wire at the plug connection is broken.

2. Do not insert or remove the plug too much, because excessive wear of the plug will also affect the sound quality.

3. After using the headphones, store the earphone cable from the beginning of the earplugs, reserve a little line, but do not pull.

4. Be sure to turn off the volume before use. If the volume of your output device is too large, not only the ear, but also the diaphragm folds. The heavy one burned the voice coil of the earphone.

5. The headphones are away from strong magnets. The magnetic properties of the magnets of the unit will drop, and the sensitivity will decrease over time!

6. Keep headphones away from moisture. The pads in the headphone unit will be rusted, the resistance will increase, and your headphones will be biased.

Post time: Aug-29-2019