Sony patents achieve a full front screen effect through the lifting mechanical structure

Recently, a Sony mobile phone design patent was exposed online, that is, a full-screen effect on the front is achieved through a lifting mechanical structure. But it is worth noting that Sony not only hides the front camera through this structure like other manufacturers, but also includes the dual speakers of this phone. That's right, this is a design patent that uses a double lift structure.


Sony design patent

The patent application was approved at the end of 2018 and was published in the database of the World Intellectual Property Office on May 14, 2020. The mobile phone in the patent adopts a double lifting structure. The bottom mechanical structure is built in a speaker. In addition to this configuration, the lifting structure on the top is also equipped with a front camera.


Sony design patent

In normal use, this Sony mobile phone creates the visual effect of "all front screen". When taking a selfie or video call, the top lifting structure will automatically pop up. When performing audio and video entertainment, the lifting structure on both sides of the mobile phone will open, relying on dual speakers, this mobile phone can provide excellent audio and video effects. It is worth noting that the length of the lifting structure will change according to the direction of the sound source. For example, when the person on the right speaks louder, the extension of the lifting structure in the corresponding direction will be longer.


Sony's patented hole-punch phone

Overall, this patent is very new, but the dual lift structure also brings greater weight to the mobile phone, and Sony also has a patent for the appearance of the punching design. Only from the perspective of transforming into a real product, the latter is more likely to be available.

Post time: May-21-2020