Korean media: LG will release a rollable smartphone next year, BOE provides panels

Although some people may praise Samsung’s innovations in technologies such as the Galaxy Fold, LG’s launch of more “experimental” smartphones on the market may be commendable, even if they end in failure. From the curved LG G Flex to the modular LG G5, to the latest batch of dual-screen accessories for mobile phones, LG seems reluctant to invest in fundamental innovations. In fact, despite the current poor financial situation, it may still launch the craziest phones, including the rollable phone in early 2021.


According to the Korean media "The Elec", LG Electronics internal sources said that LG Electronics is planning to launch a rollable smartphone early next year. The project is called Project B. According to the company’s CEO Kwon Bong-seok’s Name it.

It is reported that LG has already started production of prototypes of the device at its factory in Pingze. Most commercial products will undergo three to four trial productions before going to market, and each trial production will produce about 1,000 to 2,000 units.

So far, LG's mobile phone business has suffered losses for 20 consecutive quarters. According to sources, the launch of Project B is to re-establish its brand image in the minds of consumers and improve corporate morale.

It is reported that the aircraft will be extended laterally when needed. A display with curled sides will unfold. A flexible organic light-emitting diode (OLED) is needed to achieve this goal. The Chinese display manufacturer BOE is working with LG Electronics to develop the required display panel. The source said that the rollable display is not necessarily more difficult to achieve than the foldable display. The foldable display needs to withstand continuous pressure in a small range, but the rollable display can spread the pressure to a larger area, but the design of the device It must be adapted to the material.


Although Samsung is fascinated by foldable flexible screens, LG seems to be fascinated by scrolling screens. This may make more sense in things such as large TV monitors that can be rolled up and dropped when not needed, but it is well known that LG is also considering the idea of ​​rolling the phone into a more compact form when not in use, and then like a tablet Same on the screen.

A LG patent that was exposed last month shows that the company is working on a rollable device. The concept of a scrollable screen will provide users with the required display screen, thanks to an ingenious scrolling system that allows users to tailor their needs Extend or retract the display. This shape design is likely to require redesign of components such as batteries.

According to a new report, LG already had one of these phones at the prototype stage, code-named B Project, which was allegedly named after CEO Quan Fengxi. Unconventional displays are being jointly developed with China’s BOE (BOE), which last year actually demonstrated a working scrollable screen. Project B aims to inspire confidence and increase morale in LG’s troubled mobile business.

Although a scrollable display sounds more frivolous than a foldable display, it may actually be easier to pull down because the screen can spread the pressure over a wider surface area. However, the problem is how to properly place hard electronic devices such as circuit boards and batteries.

This is not LG's only "crazy" phone idea. There are also rumors that it is working on "Wing", which is a smartphone whose main display can be rotated to a horizontal position and a smaller display at the bottom. That might be launched sometime in the second half of 2020.

Post time: Jul-10-2020